About Christine

I am an experienced and passionate clinician. I completed my clinical internship and Master’s degree in New Orleans, LA in 2013. I moved to Fort Collins, CO shortly after. Since then, I have worked full time for mental health agencies, continually growing as a clinician. Over the last six years I have worked with a diverse population of people struggling with numerous issues. These include: trauma, depression, anxiety, addiction, grief, personality diagnoses. I also have experience helping with interpersonal and communication issues, significant life changes, and grief and loss.

All counselors have varying therapeutic styles. One of my driving values is authenticity- I strive to offer a supportive and caring relationship while providing honest feedback. Coming to counseling requires vulnerability.  It is an honor to be trusted and invited along on this emotional journey with every single person I work with. 

For more information on my therapeutic style and areas of competency, visit my Psychology Today profile. 

Why A Sunflower?

Sunflowers are incredibly flexible! They follow the light of the sun, their energy source, all day long. As a result, they grow and thrive. They are a hearty flower- they can grow in high mountain landscapes or take over entire fields. Their existence is simple, yet profound. 

Sometimes in life we resist change. This is human nature. Change can be scary or can feel impossible. During these times life often gives us clues that change is necessary. When we pay attention to these clues and give in to change, life often gets WAY better. 

Like the sunflower- we thrive when we pay attention to our needs. When we resist change, we try to grow against the sunlight and we slowly deprive our souls. When we follow the sun, we thrive.